COVID19 Response

Important notice beginning Tuesday, March 24th at 12:01AM Eastern Time:
Gloworks, as a non-essential business, will be shut down until further notice. Michigan Governor has announced a Shelter-In-Place order for the state of Michigan for 3 weeks.

For online orders: Please know that we will do our best to get you your items as soon as possible. Online orders will not go out same-day until further notice.

Gloworks will only be sending out KN95 masks during this time, as it is an essential item for customers across the nation during this pandemic.

We are still here for you! - It is important to us to be able to remain in contact with our customers, even during this period. We will begin working remotely to answer inquiries via email.
Joe Iacona: Phone: 586-873-0503
Jimmy Walker:
Tony (e-Commerce):
Chad Rundles:

It is important that everyone remains safe during this time, and we look forward to things returning to normal sooner than later.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.